LWN, pronounced “lawn", is my initials… It stands for me. Bored of beige and tired of chasing trends, I started LWN to make useful, fun clothes that compliment a creative lifestyle. LWN pieces are modular building blocks, colorful and simple in their silhouette. The idea is to play and fold them into your existing wardrobe. 


            we source from waste: especially local dead-stock, repurposed garments, and upcycled materials. Our brand labels, design details, trims and cords are made from fabric off-cuts. Instead of going in the trash, we have designed used these to finish and embellish the clothing.


            we use natural, single fiber fabrics with the post-use afterlife of our products in mind. (Polyester IS plastic). We avoid plastic, polyester and other petroleum based materials in our products. This means no zippers (nylon + plastic) or poly bags (dolphin stranglers). Our compostable packaging is biomaterial that can put in your compost bin with your food scraps.


            we don't overproduce to avoid contributing to the culture of wastefulness and pollution. The quantity of the materials we find informs what we make.


            we manufacture locally in Downtown LA with a small family factory. This family is our extended team, we work with them daily. They pay their workers a decent living wage and keep good clean working conditions. This allows us to produce without being confined to industry quantity minimums and outdated overproduction models. 


            we try to stay affordable. We strive to maintain these practices while doing our utmost to keep LWN reasonably priced. We are a small business that pays fair wages and manufactures a quality product that should live in your closet for years, not seasons. We are making products to be loved, not for landfill.


            keep it responsible. There’s so much greenwashing. We are committed to honesty and make a huge effort to navigate and improve, based on our constant learnings. 


 “When we can” is our commitment to our beliefs. Thank you for checking us out. What you buy and use in life is important! We hope these clothes give you joy and some peace of mind.